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The Objectives of the company continue to be consistent with those originally set out in the Memorandum of Association 1946. Directors have also been conscious of the need to ensure that our objectives and activities are appropriate and / or “fine-tuned” to meet the present-day activities of our numerous stakeholders.

Rookwood 2015 Commemoration
From Left to Right

Mr. Phil Orchard WWII Veteran, The Late Mr. Ernest Flint WWII Veteran & long time Past President of the US Army Small Ships Assoc. (Crossed the Bar 03/07/15), Mr. Stan Shardlow, WWII Veteran & Vice President MN RSL Sub Branch, Mr. Keith Pryor WWII Veteran, Mr. Vic Totman WWII Veteran (Crossed the Bar 24/01/17), Ms. Jennifer Collins, Deputy Commissioner, DVA NSW, Mr. Joe Miller, WWII Veteran (Crossed the Bar 25/12/15, Mr. Bob Kirkpatrick, WWII Veteran (Crossed the Bar 12/09/18), Mr. Don Kennedy WWII Veteran & President MN RSL Sub Branch, Mr. Merrill Barker, Secretary MN RSL Sub Branch, Mr. Frank O’Dwyer WWII Veteran


In carrying out its activities, the Board has developed a VISION STATEMENT and PRIMARY OBJECTIVE


To ensure that the Australian Merchant Navy "A title emblazoned in battle and honoured in freedom" is recognised as an important part of Australian Maritime History and Social Culture.


Honouring the memory of Australian Merchant Navy Mariners who gave their lives in service to their country in World Wars I and II and giving thanks for those that were able to return to their families.

Our aim in all that we undertake is to ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE', and are guided by the following SUPPORTING OBJECTIVES

• Accepting the responsibility of our generation to ensure the greater recognition of the vital role undertaken by the Australian Merchant Navy in WWI & WWII.

• Identifying and partnering with other organisations that can assist our efforts to advance the cause of the greater recognition of the Merchant Navy

• Ensuring ongoing viability and vitality of the Annual Commemorations at Rookwood, NSW (April) & the National Merchant Navy War Memorial, Canberra, ACT (October) by further developing the partnership (IMPLEMENTED 2014) with the Rookwood General Cemetery Reserve Trust (RGCRT) and the National Capital Authority (NCA) (IMPLEMENTED 2015) and encouraging increased participation, especially among younger generations.

• Supporting where possible other Merchant Navy War Memorials throughout Australia

• Enhance the close partnership developed with the Australian Maritime College (AMC), through the “Merchant Navy War Memorial Fund Scholarship” and identifying potential areas of part and/or full-time sea going opportunities for AMC Cadets.

• Prudent management of the MNWMF Investment Portfolio, in partnership with our external Financial Advisor, to ensure that the Fund can continue to achieve its Vision Statement & Primary Objective.

• Pursuing opportunities for Federal and State Grants, Corporate Sponsorship, Bequests and Donations to offset costs and assist to fund new initiatives.

• An ongoing two year ‘strategic plan’ that documents policies and procedures of key activities that can be followed and further developed by those who follow.

• Working with the Merchant Navy RSL Sub Branch, the Merchant Navy Association (MNA) and the Company of Master Mariners Australia (CMMA) in the achievement of our joint objectives.

• Encouragement of the next generation, to take up our and our predecessors’ passion and commitment to ensure that future Merchant Navy recognition is as secure in the future as in the past and the present. We remain highly committed to continuing to work in what we believe is the best interests of our cherished Merchant Navy Veterans and the wider Australian Merchant Navy Community.


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